Thursday, July 30, 2009

Check out this camp site

I got a tip from an account about where to camp up off Teton Pass and found an awesome spot. There was a paraglide launch a couple hundred yards from my tent. I saw this moose right after thinking I heard a bear...

I worked in Idaho Falls and Pocatello on the way home and made it back with enough time to think I could make it from my house to Solitude in an hour 45 on my mtb for the weekly race. My number plate fell out of my jersey on the way and I stupidly turned around to look for it... that put me even more behind and I was totally pinned to get there on time. I barely made it but was pretty dehydrated and cramped on the first lap! I probably should have just called it but I figured it was good training for Leadville...

Sitting through a 4 hour web sales meeting now... looks like it will go till 7 or 8pm.

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