Saturday, August 1, 2009

I got a little bored at Sammi's High School reunion...

One minute we are eating brownie sundaes, the next some balloons found there way up my shirt and some random girl I didn't know couldn't keep her hands off them. I only had two beers at the Hog before, I promise!

Probably embarrassed Sammi a little...

Another ICUP down with the Canyons finale today. It was hot and the climb was pretty exposed but I managed to stay well hydrated and was fueling well with Carbo Rocket and Emv. Pulled off the win and secured the overall title. Congrats to everyone on a killer year- I feel like the level of racing was really high all year in all categories.

Next up for me is Leadville. I have no clue how to train for a 100 mile dirt road race @ 12,000 feet. Any suggestions??

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  1. No, But it would be cool if you beat Lance.