Sunday, January 2, 2011

VT pics

In no particular order...

The homestead

Hey Sammi go lay down and look up at the icicle, it's really

We heat with wood

Street hockey park. Scene of some intense games

The pond was frozen but not skateable

My grandma's new dog Joey

My cousin James and his girlfriend Alison

Mt Mansfield in the distance, highest peak in VT at just over 4,000 feet

Xc ski at Sleepy Hollow

Sick cabin that you can rent

Camel's Hump


Mmmm egg salad

The waterfall was almost frozen over

Sammi's first hockey game. We got two games in before it got too slushy.

What is it with labs and big sticks?

Old telephone at my grandma's

Old school coffee grinder

Antique stove

New years fire

Killing time in Boston before flying home

You can never be too prepared when it comes to reading glasses...

And a couple vids...

YouTube Video

YouTube Video