Friday, July 3, 2009

Analogy Time

Utah is to Powder as BC is to Singletrack

No joke. Its amazing.

In the Wasatch on a good day you can pretty much pick your ridgeline and drop in to an untouched chute, face or tree run.

In BC it seems like you can pick any random fire road, ride along and drop in to any little trail and ride some hand-built great trail in nice dirt. Today in Squamish was one of my favorite days and the trail had a slightly different flavor than the rest. It seems like each day has had trails with a little different character.

I was feeling pretty good again today and ended up in no mans land a minute back of the lead team of McGrath and Sheppard. By the end the gap was up to a minute and a half or a little more. I was really happy with how my legs felt after over 15 hours racing in 5 days. I am getting used to my new bike size, saddle height and cleat position too and feel really comfortable in the single track and on the DH.

No pics today, Bart borrowed my camera cause his battery is dead, check the team site.

Time for dinner then heading to Whistler and out of the tent. Can't believe tomorrow is the last day, its all a blur now!

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