Friday, July 23, 2010


For those like myself who love coffee but don't necessarily call themselves "aficionados" finding a good cup can be hit or miss- especially when on the road. I often defer to Starbucks, and order drinks made with espresso to avoid old burned coffee.

So while in Chicago for our Highway Two sales meeting, I ventured out after breakfast on the first morning and hit Starbucks to avoid the dreaded hotel "black water" coffee. It was good but I was quickly informed by a fellow rep and coffee connoisseur that I had totally missed the boat.

Apparently there was one of the best roasters in the country right around the corner- Intelligentsia. The place won some roasting/drink making contest ad is widely regarded as the best in the country. OK, I was sold and needed to try it.

So after the meetings were over yesterday afternoon we went to check it out. I stepped up to order an espresso and they recommended the Guatemalan single origin... Sure lay it on me.

It was served proper with a small glass of soda water to cleanse your pallet before, and was nothing short of amazing. I felt like a wine geek as we were talking about berry and cinnamon undertones. The aftertaste was pleasurable and I didn't even have he usual urge to chew some gum. It was seriously the best espresso I've had and I have drank plenty in places like Italy, Spain, France, Brasil, Peru, Chile and Costa Rica.

Needless to say I was back this morning and purchased a bag of beans along with my drink.

So when in Rome- er Chicago...
Check it out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pit stop in steamboat

Stopped in Steamboat for the night to break up the drive to Granby. Pulled pork sandwiches and pea risotto were waiting. Good stuff. Check out the view from Hannah's deck. Not too shabby. Must be nice in the winter- need a snow report, look out the window.

Looks like a fun weekend of racing on tap. I signed up for xc, super d and short track. I just got a helmet cam and hopefully some sweet race movies will follow.

I felt a ton better last weekend at Solitude than I did in breck on the 4th. I was stoked to win my 3rd state title, especially on that course because you get a super long and fun downhill to look forward to each lap. Racing at Solitude is always a blast. Mitch and Rob were riding great dicing early on was fun.

Wednesday before work I went and tested the legs with a tt up dry creek- had a clean run at it for a time of 7 mins 50 seconds. I did 8 mins flat earlier this year but had to stop and unclip for a dog in the trail. Hopefully that bodes well for this weekend- though the main goal is to have fun!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bike polo

Took an evening walk around Liberty Park with Hannah, Sammi and my parents tonight. Lots of different sports in action... Soccer, volleyball, rugby, frisbee, baci, basketball, sword fighting and last but not least bike polo. Check out the custom bike... Complete with cardboard wheel guards to keep the ball out of the wheels. Looked like fun- maybe I ought to bring the scalpel out next Tuesday.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Trying out new blogger app for the iPhone... Maybe I'll be able to keep up some more consistent posting if its this convenient.

Super disappointing day at the Firecracker 50. Had some gastrointestinal issues last night in to this mooring and my stomach was a wreck during the race. No power in the legs either. Limped around to finish 20th after stopping to dnf once, then deciding to keep going.

Can't seen to put it all together when I want to this year... Always next time I guess.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Pearl Spring 11 Sales Meeting in the books. It was in Vail this year which was super nice- allowed for two early morning mtb rides with some other reps and PI employees. Now I am up in Steamboat visiting my sis. My parents are in town so its a full family affair.

Sweet ride up Howlison with Han:

Humphrey slobber

Firecracker 50 on Sunday- gonna be tough!