Sunday, September 26, 2010

Encinitas & San Diego pics

Great quick hitting trip for a wedding, some attempted surfing and a good way to unwind from Interbike. We stayed in Encinitas- cool town, I'd recommend it. I can say that I am one step closer to learning to surf... Some good tips from the rental place had us standing for a couple short "rides"yesterday. Sammi is better than me because she can actually paddle with her swimming and water polo background. She killed the body surfing too.

Stuffed full of fish tacos now and at the airport. Heading home...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Park City Point 2 Point Nutrition Redux

This is as much for myself to look at next year as anything else but in case you were curious, read on.

Nutrition Breakdown: I'll just do day of. If I did night before I'd want to get in to the whole day before, and then the day before that... you get the point. I did eat a bunch of pasta and a chicken sausage for dinner among other things.

Breakfast: Oats with walnuts, maple syrup, pinch of salt and a sliced banana. Tropicana Orange juice with calcium and vitamin D, lots of pulp. 1 Monavie active gel left over from last year. Coffee too. That is essential. All this taken in a little after 5, was out of the house by 5:35 en route to pick up Ohran at the Canyons.

Feed strategy: I went with drop bags for the Deer Valley feed zones and it worked well. My bag was bright yellow so it was easy to see. I drove over to the Park City feed the morning of the race and left a cooler. It killed any warm up time but it was worth it when I stopped and grabbed an ice cold bottle and some cold Gu's before heading up Sprio in the heat of the day.

H20 form: 2 hydration packs with 50-60 oz each. I used one for the first leg and then grabbed the other at the 2nd feed. I finished the 2nd one with about 30 minutes left in the race but didn't finish the first. I had a spare tube in each pack and a spare CO2 in my jersey pocket. I also carried a tube and CO2 on my bike. Gotta have backup!

Sports drink form: 3 bottles of Carbo Rocket- again the first I did not finish but the 2nd and 3rd I did. Maybe should have been drinking more early on...

Gel Form: 8 total Gu's, 4 Roctane and 4 Regular. 6 of the 8 were caffeinated, 2 not. 4 of these were done in the last 2 hours. I popped a Jet Blackberry up Spiro, a Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane on Mid Mountain, an Espresso Love climbing that bitch of a fire road past the Canyons, and then a Vanilla Orange Roctane at the start of the last singletrack climb. I was cramping there and I swear that as soon as the Roctane hit my mouth I stopped cramping. I'm not just saying that because I sell Gu either...

Block Form: 2 bags of Chomps. Non caffeinated, I get enough caffeine in the Gu's and morning coffee.

Solid form: 3 Fig Newmans, 1 big chocolate chip cookie that crumbled in my jersey. I started just shoving cookies or whatever in my jersey in Breck and it works well because you don't have a wrapper to deal with. Just grab a handful and stuff it in your mouth. Oreos taste fine soaked in sweat!

What was lacking: I had planned to stop ad the aids and grab a brownie or other sugary treat and a Coke but Tostado was super fast in the feeds (and blew through the last one) and I didn't have time... I think I could have used something like that at aid 3, maybe next year I'll put a Double Shot Starbucks drink, Redbull or Coke in my cooler. A handful of Sweedish Fish would have been a good jersey pocket addition.

Overall thoughts- I really can't complain as I managed to win the race and beat last years time by 9 minutes, though I think I could have drank and ate more early on. I tried to put some pressure on Tostado on Steps and started to bonk... bad. He passed me and I just sat behind him and started to take on calories. Those eventually hit the system and I was better by Spriro but if I had paid more attention to eating early that may not have happened. But how do you not have one of those moments in a hour race. Maybe its inevitable, better ask Dave Wiens. He seems like he has it dialed for that duration...

I also made myself a little sick by downing all those Gu's in the last 2 hours I think. They were necessary to get me to the finish but made me feel crummy for an hour after. Just a lot of sugar and caffeine in my stomach when I was already a bit dehydrated. This may have been avoided by fueling more early, though who knows. That's the theme though- early, early early!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where to begin?

How about nowhere... Pics sound good.

The bottom shot is the view as I type this on my phone on Sammi's parents back porch down in St. George. We went to Crazy For You at the Tuacahn amphitheater last night and it was a pretty good show. Awesome venue, pic doesn't do justice and I am pretty sure I wasn't even supposed to have the camera out. Figured since the show hadn't really started yet...

After the show I commented that all musicals seem to be love stories, to which Sammi's mom said "life is a love story," to which I said "life is a sport, drink it up."

So the Point 2 Point came and went and kicked my ass just as bad or worse than last year. The heat combined with a stiff south breeze on the climbs made it tough, as did the bumpy new sections of mid mountain on Iron Mountain. Not to mention the fact that Tostado was riding great. I need to put together a more comprehensive post about nutrition and how I felt so I can reference it next year... Hopefully this week. All in all though that is a killer race and I was super happy to defend my title!! Thanks to Jay, Shannon and everyone else involved.

In the meantime this quick trip
to St George comes on the heels of Ty's bachelor party in Brian Head. We camped out and hit the shuttle rides. Awesome time, but can't go in to any details- doesn't that violate the first
rule of bachelor parties??

Congrats to you and Lesha though man, stoked for you guys.

Excited for the wedding this week too!

Ok time for some iced coffee and some white line fever back to SLC.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Park City Point 2 Point Bike

Getting it dialed in for the weekend...

Frame- 2010 Scalpel
Fork- Lefty carbon 120mm w PBR (push button rebound)
Wheels- Mavic Crossmax SLR
Rubber- Conti Race King Protection 2.2 front and rear set up tubeless w Stan's
BB- Cdale BB30
Cranks- Cdale Hollowgram SL
Drivetrain/brakes/shifters- SRAM XX. 11/36 cassette. 42/28 chainrings
Rear shock- Fox RP23 (living in the past!)
Pedals- Crank Bros Egg Beater 3
Seatpost- Thompson Masterpiece
Saddle- Fizik Aliante VS
Stem- Cdale SI stem steerer 100mm +5 degree rise
Grips- Fizik Cross Country lock ons
Handlebar- FSA carbon riser
Weight- too heavy for Sly...