Sunday, October 25, 2009

Helmet insulation

I was getting a little cold during yesterdays freezing cross race so I figured I'd pack my helmet vents for a little warmth...

Having a quite some luck racing cross this year- can't ride a clean race to save my life. Sorry to anyone I crashed in front of lap 1. I felt pretty bad, hopefully nobody's race was ruined. I got going again and got back in to the race and eventually made my way up to Bart, but that was short lived and I wadded it up in the exact same spot after another couple laps. After that I was riding to conservatively down that hill while Bart rallied it like it was dry. Very impressive cx mud skills! I still managed 2nd despite shivering my way through the last two laps. I really never warmed up the whole race. That was a cold one...

Killer mtb ride today through some off limits terrain. That's all I'm saying.

Trying to figure out how to prepare the mind for the suffering of La Ruta. Does anyone have any torture devices I can borrow? Going to need to push the pain tolerance a little higher!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Umas fotografias de Brasil

OK so I really don't speak any Portuguese and my Spanish only helped me a little down there. I picked up a little Portuguese, though I did a better job picking up some nice Brasilian poison ivy/oak or something. Yaaaa itching like crazy!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


About to spend one last day in Brasil then hop on a red eye back to the states. We are in Sao Paolo now which is big beyond big. I never imagined that so many apartment buildings could exist in one place. But then we are in the 4th largest city in the world and you have to put 18 million people somewhere. I guess Tokyo, Hong Kong and Mumbai are the only cities worldwide to beat out Sao Paolo. Wow.

The race took place out in the country though and it was beautiful- I'll get some pics up when I get home. The racing itself was very tough and we weren't quite able to ride with the top guys. Its tough when you travel across the world and try to perform at your best- there are just too many variables you can't control that you can at home. Travel takes a toll as well.

Its all about the experience though and we saw some cool stuff and participated in an amazing event. The people here are great and the culture is very unique.

Today we are doing a little city tour then heading to the airport.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last straw

Another flat- that's it, I'm going tubeless or with some tubies.

This time I flatted about one minute in to the race when I had to make a last second adjustment in speed and direction while hopping a log to avoid Rico who had gone down on the log. I pinched and it slowly leaked to the point where I crashed in a corner because my tire folded and I was forced to nurse it over to the pits where I aired it up with a borrowed pump. The sealant held the new air and I set out to chase. I actually enjoyed the race and got a good workout which is why I go in the first place.

I realized that this is three flats in three races @ Weber Fairgrounds in the past year. The curse of the fairgrounds! Maybe I should stay away...

Boise to Brazil

I just worked the week up in Boise and came home to find out we are heading to Brazil on Monday afternoon to compete in Iron Biker! Looks awesome, can't wait.

The trip was in serious jeopardy due to visa processing delays but somehow it worked out and our passports have been red labeled for Saturday delivery. Can't say I've ever been to Brazil so I am excited to go!

Don't miss the big premier on Oct 22. Locally its down at Century 16 at 6 pm. Maybe I'll be in a half frame or two... Looks pretty cool though, just bought some tickets online.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


1st flat tire of the year, 1st off-road ride with tubes of the year. Coincidence? You make the call...

In my haste to finish building my new cx bike on Friday I decided to take the quick approach to tires- regular clinchers with road tubes filled with Stan's. Works good for thorns but still doesn't protect against the dreaded pinch flat...

Well its always rider error and flatting was my own fault but it seems that tubeless setups do allow for a larger margin of error.

The race was a blast, cross is super fun. I was stoked to be able to hang with UT's cx elite for most of the race even if they were taking it easy and gappinng me through the barriers every lap. I really need to work on my transitions on to the bike after running. I can get on fine but getting clipped in and up to speed took me a lot longer and I had to chase to close down gaps every time. That's an needless waste of energy, got to work on that.

Flatted with 1 to go and was solidly in 3rd, not making any time on Rico but holding my own. Got passed by a train of guys while running my bike but borrowed an egg beater equipped single speed for the last 1/4 lap to hold on to 6th or 7th I think. Thanks for the loaner bike, much appreciated!