Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog CPR

Maybe some pics of my recent trip to VT and NY will breathe some life in to my neglected blog. I need to try to bring this thing around. I could write a book about my air travel fiasco this trip but I won't get in to it. I'll save it for an email to United.

On the Charlotte ferry headed to Whiteface.

Serious vertical

Nice location, this is out the hotel lobby in Lake Placid.

Good day for Cannondale

Ned and Joan on the ferry home


Hitting golf balls in to the pool above the waterfall. I will claim it, I hit one in!

Receding flood waters in Burlington. It was four feet higher. The ferry is still closed.

Great to be home in the summer. It had been years.

Found this beauty in an old photo album, I'm on the right, check the mowhawk.

Sitting at the airport in Chicago now, feeling like I got up at 4:30 am two days in a row and waiting for the Starbucks line to die down.