Thursday, July 2, 2009

BC Pics


Sea to Sky Highway

a little soft serve on the ferry

tent city

bear attack? nope just my arm after rallying dh through tight woods and bushes

sweet sunset


no shortage of scenery

Still having a great time up in BC!

I've been feeling bad for Bart because he's been totally off his game- firing on 2 cylinders instead of his normal 5. Infected wisdom tooth, antibiotics, feverish, no legs, balled up back, IT band pain... any one of these things would make a 7 day stage race tough, all at once and you've got a recipe for misery! I only write this with the utmost respect because I ride with him all the time and know how fast he usually goes. Yesterday we estimated that we did at least 20,000 pedal strokes and he said every single one was absolute agony. Oh man, that sucks. Got to hand it to him for keeping a good attitude. He's still been charging though and we're sitting solid in 6th place.

Today we found out that we won't actually get a time penalty if we aren't together so I rode up to the leaders and rode with them for the day. I was comfortable riding with them because I was fresh and they've been driving the pace every day and only came off on the last downhill because they live here and know the trails so well. Secret lines everywhere. Once I got gapped I just couldn't get back on and finished 30ish seconds back or so.

Squamish day tomorrow!

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