Sunday, July 26, 2009


Up in Jackson for a little racing this weekend and a few days of work beginning tomorrow. I'm psyched to have been able to coordinate the timing and combine my work trip with a little "pleasure." If you call racing up Teton Pass twice in a row pleasure...

This is from the "mountain bike" climb. 30+ minutes of this, some gravel roads then super steep switchbacks. Ouch. The descent off the top is unreal though- 3000' of sweet trail.

warming up... only got 10 minutes in as i was running a little late

This looks sweet huh? I had just set up the hamoch and was ready for some lounging. Then it started raining and didn't let up for 3 hours. I read in the tent until it was time for bed pretty much. Only got sort of wet luckily...

Couple days of running around working then I am heading south

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