Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where to begin?

Lots of craziness lately...

On top of it being busy season for work, we got new bikes. Big thanks to Matt and Cannondale! This thing is a looker

(new bike is a large- fits me tons better than my old one!)

and professional fits by Tom Coleman from Wobble-Naught. Without giving away his secrets, he measured every bone in my body (well just the important ones for cycling), confirmed that I am indeed long legged, raised my saddle 3/4 inch, moved it back, moved my cleats, and helped me with my pedal stroke. He had taken video of us riding and showed me signs that my seat was too low and helped identify . Very cool, I think its going to make a huge difference in the long run, and I can already tell a difference.

Saturday was Mona Vie convention- chaos of Fri trying to get ready then highlights on Sat. included almost getting torched by some pyro on stage, throwing footballs to the crowd and seeing me on the Emv althete video chugging a can and then thrusting it at the camera like a soda commercial!

BBQ @ Bart's followed a long day at the Salt Palace. Sunday was a team photo shoot and a short ride on Shoreline to break in the new bike, and somehow yesterday I found time to show Jeremiah, Bryan and Ben Crest trail. Rob and Mitch came too.

Still some snow to hike through here and there but it was awesome to rip Big Water with no people.

Oh, and Friday I rode Millcreek on the road bike in the early am and decided to time it. I started a new TT site because I like that climb and all the other TT's around are too far from my house. I like it because its long and you have to be careful to gauge your effort so you don't blow up too early. I also find its good for me to do a long effort like that because it makes you recover while on the gas which is what you need to do in a race. Its not like there is a time out in a race for resting after hard efforts.

I worked through some bum legs early and came around up above Elbow Fork and was able to stay seated and spin my 39x25 up all the steep climbs. I am sure my time will easily fall to anyone who rides a road bike with consistency and hopefully myself next time.

Off to BC tomorrow! Can't wait, I'll hopefully have some semi-consistent updates...

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  1. Good luck in BC. Don't forget to dedicate your stage win to me...seriously!