Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sales Meeting

Yeehaa! Nothing more exciting than a sales meeting.

The schedule is packed for this one- meetings go from 7:45 to 5:45 the next few days with dinner at 6:00. No time for lunch rides either. That doesn't leave much time for riding... its going to have to be early if its going to happen. I'm hoping to commute over from where I am staying in Boulder but need to work out logistics of getting back at night.

Today was the opening ceremonies if you will. Appetizers, speeches, and they hired a dance team to do a hip hop fashion show. Then we ate dinner outside in the cold wind. I guess there was a tornado warning here earlier today. It snowed on my way over from Steamboat. This morning Hannah and I beat the rain (barely) and got in a quick mtb ride.

And now product, product and more product...


  1. hurry up and post some more....the stalking hasn't been to good as of late.