Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 1

Not sure if I'll be able to post after each stage but I'd like to.

Day 1 completed today- nothing to write home about for team A&B G but we salvaged an ok placing. Hopefully we'll be moving up a little in the next 6 days. Not exactly sure where we ended up but I think we lost a little under 10 minutes to the leaders. It just wasn't our day but we've got plenty of time.

Of note:

-Ripping trails that must have taken a ton of work to complete. Drops, techy stuff, bridges, you name it we rode it. Ripping tech downhills. You know its going to be gnarly when they end the riders meeting by saying "Pucker up, and get ready!"

-Great race weather- sunny, cool, slight breeze. In the woods you wouldn't even know the sun is out, crazy.

-The whole crew is here (minus JB and Tinker)and its a great scene around the compound.

- I crashed hard on the last dh and was worried that I had broken my elbow but I think its just badly bruised and has been improving.

- Tenting it tonight through Friday and it looks like we are heading in to some beautiful country. Camping right on the water, scenic ferry transfers in the morning, oh, and lots of singletrack too.

OK, gotta head back and make dinner on time. Not sure what the internet situation will be on the island but I'll try to post if possible...

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