Wednesday, June 17, 2009

City Creek Trail Ruined

I am all for trail work and maintenance, but not when it means the wooseifying of our mountain bike trails...

Go ride City Creek trail- all the fun semi-techy rocky stuff from the I Street jumps down is a smooth freeway now. That was the best part of the trail! You could ride a recumbant down the thing with no problem.

RIP the left line of the Spine on Crest, Millcreek Pipeline and now City Creek. There are others I am sure but these stick out.


  1. add the short shorline section just South of Red Butte

  2. Hey, look on the bright least you have rideable trails - Trails suck here.

    Oh and make sure you read up on Missy Giove's latest happenings on Velonews

  3. dude get a pugsley and rip the muskeg!

    saw that on velonews... only 400 pounds huh