Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Over the summer we picked up Suunto for bike and run shops. At the sales meeting they gave us this really cool GPS watch called the X10. I used it once but never took the time to set up the software to upload data to my computer. 8 months later I finally got around to it, prompted by some new software that I got at Outdoor Retailer. I am still learning the programs but below are some images saved from Google Earth:

Last run down Baldy yesterday. Took the day off and went to the bird after working through the weekend.

Our route around the bird. I started the watch after a few runs

Super crest loop with Bart, Ohran and BZ this summer. I wish I could figure out how to save or upload the graph of the elevation gain, mileage and speed of this ride. It was 59.5 miles, 7500 feet of climbing.

I need to get good with the heart rate monitors too so I can answer questions in the field. I don't like to use them all the time but they have some pretty cool features.


  1. sick! the map from the baldy run makes it look like you pointed it off the black jack moto huge! claim that shit

  2. yeah it does look like that, but thinking about our last run we didn't go over the moto. on further inspection i think that is just a summer road and the blackjack moto is up lookers right of old yeller. that would have been like a two hundred foot air... wait scratch all that i'll claim it!