Monday, February 2, 2009


Change is the only constant. I don't remember who said that but I like it.

I'll resist the temptation to write a long reflective post that nobody wants to read about how much my life has changed in the last five years... or will I. I'll keep it short.

I was down south working at the end of last week and opted to stay over the weekend to ride my mountain bike instead of coming back to snowboard. That got me thinking for some reason. A few years ago the thought of doing this

in January was so foreign I would have laughed. The bike went in the garage or basement for good in the fall and came out in the spring. I just snowboarded 120 days a season.

I had a night job waiting tables and worked a season up at Snowbird tuning skis and boards. The thought of a day job or "career" was a fleeting one when present. Now here I am with a real full time job- not your average nine to five, but its not a "ski bum" job in the least.

Same with girls. I didn't even want a girlfriend five years ago because I was too "busy" snowboarding. Now I live with one...

Don't really party much any more either. Not that I was ever a regular at the bars but I definitely went out, hit parties, and had parties too. Now, not so much.

These aren't complaints, I'm happier than ever and its just the natural progression of things I guess. I look at the header picture above and think that I am not doing enough of that any more. I certainly had my fill of powder days, probably more than my share...

For now I'm stoked to focus on riding my bike a little more and learn a business. Then I'll appreciate the good days on the snow even more when I get them. As you can see this is an inner struggle for me, part of me is cool with it and part of me really misses shredding every day. OK like you care! I'll keep these reflective posts to a minimum..


  1. Dude, You know what's happening right? You're getting old. Just wait til you turn 40.

  2. Besides change, the other constant in life is: ski bumming doesn't pay. Yet another constant in life is that life fulfillment requires work and pay -- no matter what the hippies say. Without work and pay, no family, no business, no life fulfillment.

    My dream is to be a ski bum. But I tried that (as well as being a river rat), and then I went to law school. It's still a nice dream though.

  3. good points, good points. hope i didn't come off as snotty or anything. like oh, bummer, he can't snowboard every day any more and has to work. cry me a river... just observing life's natural progression i guess

  4. waaaaaay snotty. Dude that pow pic is rad, way to dig that one out of the archives.