Sunday, January 18, 2009

Base Tanning

Forget about fitness, I'm laying the foundation for a solid summer farmer's tan. 60 degrees shorts and a jersey.

I was torn between snowboarding (I knew there was good backcountry potential) and heading south this weekend and the smog tipped the balance. Sammi and I headed down on Friday night. After a week in Boise fog- like SLC smog but dense with no visibility I needed some desert sun. When you drive as much as I do what's another 4.5 hours in the car? Especially when you have someone in the car with you. Listened to Outliers on cd- very interesting. Thanks Dad.

Met up with an army of blue jerseys out there for some good times. They showed me Zen trail which was awesome- I've tried to find that trail a few times and never succeeded.

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