Sunday, January 18, 2009

My karma ran over your dogma

I've always liked that saying, as over the years I've come to see karma as one of the ways of the world. Sure bad things do unfortunately happen to good people, but I like the idea of things coming back around. This isn't something that can be proven but every now and then you get your supporting case.

Take today for example. Sammi and I went out for a ride on Barrel Roll trail this morning and upon returning she realized that she had dropped her phone out of her jersey somewhere on the trail. Bummer. I told her that someone would probably find it and call my phone from hers since I was the last person she called, or I could go back out later and look for it. I figured that it would turn up since she is such a good person- teaches special ed. at an elementary school, donates to charity and public radio, gives blood, drives a hybrid (and sparingly), volunteers in free time, donates her hair when she cuts it, etc.

4pm rolled around and nobody had called so I hopped on my bike and went on a search. I figured worse case was that I rode some more single track (bummer). To make a long story short I found it right after pretty much given up, near the end of the trail. That's some good karma, just the fact that it wasn't under a rock or bush somewhere.

Then there's me, a selfish jerk. I spend all my money toys like bikes, skis and snowboards that I spend all of my free time playing with. I drive a pickup and have given blood only once in high school and it was a terrible experience. Sammi has actually offered to pay me to give blood since I am o-negative and that's in high demand. Yeah I recycle and try to conserve as much as possible but I can't quite say I'm the change I want to see in the world yet.

Here's what happenes when selfish jerks like me lose their phones on the trail:

A few years ago I was taking gondola served dh runs at Snowbasin with some friends and a sharp branch ripped my camelbak open and my phone flew out somewhere on the trail. I was late to work at the Oyster Bar and had to jet. Not having a phone I couldn't call in and showed up to a 10 top with 5 kids. Horrible night to say the least.

The next day I figured I'd go look for my phone and threw my cross country bike in the truck and drove an hour back up to look for it. I climbed up to where I hit the branch and started scouring the area. No luck. I was calling it from a borrowed phone and looking in the bushes. Then I hear buzzing- oh s*&t bees! I got stung multiple times and my thigh swelled up huge. A few minutes later I heard thunder and the skies opened up soaking me to the bone. Back at the truck I realized I was yet again running late to work. I was low on gas but no time- barely enough to shower and change. My truck was still new to me and I figured I was good since the gas light hadn't come on yet. One problem, no gas light- I ran out of gas on 215. Luckily I was at the crest of the hill and coasted off the 4500 S exit and down the hill to a Sinclair station (hey there's some good luck). I arrived yet again late for a lovely evening of kissing ass at the OB. Since I didn't have insurance a new phone cost me $200.

That was just one of those days where all you can do is laugh- where was my luck?

Anyway, this post really got away from me... What is my point- I guess that what goes around comes around and hopefully I have some good karma coming my way since I went and found Sammi's phone for her!

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  1. haha sweet post. you're probably the most selfish jerk I know. don't forget about all the gas you burn up driving up the canyon all those times to ride lifts at the bird.