Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last straw

Another flat- that's it, I'm going tubeless or with some tubies.

This time I flatted about one minute in to the race when I had to make a last second adjustment in speed and direction while hopping a log to avoid Rico who had gone down on the log. I pinched and it slowly leaked to the point where I crashed in a corner because my tire folded and I was forced to nurse it over to the pits where I aired it up with a borrowed pump. The sealant held the new air and I set out to chase. I actually enjoyed the race and got a good workout which is why I go in the first place.

I realized that this is three flats in three races @ Weber Fairgrounds in the past year. The curse of the fairgrounds! Maybe I should stay away...

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  1. I think I got a photo of you: