Sunday, October 4, 2009


1st flat tire of the year, 1st off-road ride with tubes of the year. Coincidence? You make the call...

In my haste to finish building my new cx bike on Friday I decided to take the quick approach to tires- regular clinchers with road tubes filled with Stan's. Works good for thorns but still doesn't protect against the dreaded pinch flat...

Well its always rider error and flatting was my own fault but it seems that tubeless setups do allow for a larger margin of error.

The race was a blast, cross is super fun. I was stoked to be able to hang with UT's cx elite for most of the race even if they were taking it easy and gappinng me through the barriers every lap. I really need to work on my transitions on to the bike after running. I can get on fine but getting clipped in and up to speed took me a lot longer and I had to chase to close down gaps every time. That's an needless waste of energy, got to work on that.

Flatted with 1 to go and was solidly in 3rd, not making any time on Rico but holding my own. Got passed by a train of guys while running my bike but borrowed an egg beater equipped single speed for the last 1/4 lap to hold on to 6th or 7th I think. Thanks for the loaner bike, much appreciated!


  1. Dude, you should get some Sew-ups, although gluing is kind of tedious.

  2. yeah i know, but haven't wanted to spend the time or $ to get those going. besides i don't want my gear to surpass my abilities more than it already does!