Tuesday, October 20, 2009


About to spend one last day in Brasil then hop on a red eye back to the states. We are in Sao Paolo now which is big beyond big. I never imagined that so many apartment buildings could exist in one place. But then we are in the 4th largest city in the world and you have to put 18 million people somewhere. I guess Tokyo, Hong Kong and Mumbai are the only cities worldwide to beat out Sao Paolo. Wow.

The race took place out in the country though and it was beautiful- I'll get some pics up when I get home. The racing itself was very tough and we weren't quite able to ride with the top guys. Its tough when you travel across the world and try to perform at your best- there are just too many variables you can't control that you can at home. Travel takes a toll as well.

Its all about the experience though and we saw some cool stuff and participated in an amazing event. The people here are great and the culture is very unique.

Today we are doing a little city tour then heading to the airport.


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