Sunday, October 25, 2009

Helmet insulation

I was getting a little cold during yesterdays freezing cross race so I figured I'd pack my helmet vents for a little warmth...

Having a quite some luck racing cross this year- can't ride a clean race to save my life. Sorry to anyone I crashed in front of lap 1. I felt pretty bad, hopefully nobody's race was ruined. I got going again and got back in to the race and eventually made my way up to Bart, but that was short lived and I wadded it up in the exact same spot after another couple laps. After that I was riding to conservatively down that hill while Bart rallied it like it was dry. Very impressive cx mud skills! I still managed 2nd despite shivering my way through the last two laps. I really never warmed up the whole race. That was a cold one...

Killer mtb ride today through some off limits terrain. That's all I'm saying.

Trying to figure out how to prepare the mind for the suffering of La Ruta. Does anyone have any torture devices I can borrow? Going to need to push the pain tolerance a little higher!

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