Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Good times to be had on an early morning mission up Neff's this am with Jared, Bart and John.

Bart gets extreme on a steep slippery skin track. Gotta keep the weight forward...

It was good, really good. 4000' of pow. No, Bart is not skiing on his knees, yes it was waste deep.


  1. Chrispy has warned you about Bart trying to go straight up the slop. He needs to add a word to his vocabulary called "traversing" WTH? Was I invited? This is bullshit.

  2. Yeah Bart said he invited you but you couldn't make it. You in Vegas?

  3. chippo the hippo cant hang with lots of watts from the dynamic duo.

    team mona vie jumps from a tree, with glee.

    chippo texted me this, his new rap career.

    "im a white boy, im so coy, i will beat your ass and enjoy!"

    ok then he sent me this one.

    you cant crank buz your spanked, you cant ryme because you dont have a dime, you drool when you realize your a fool. i spin to win because i am thin.

    i had to respond with this gem.

    ok little boy go play wit your joy toy, in your pants, you cant dance like lance so i wont give you a chance.

    alright folks, enough of the gay jokes, u cant hang wit sly ay loke? why playin with the fat guy G? when your the one with the H.I.V.? you sound like a washed up has been that never made, im hard, ur soft, i'll let homey finish you off.

  4. i'm staying out of this one, sounds like its on!