Monday, February 16, 2009

0 for 2

I left Sammi a note on Valentine's Day that said "Nothing says I love you more than jumping out of bed at 6 am to go tour with the guys." Not sure if she totally buys that but thats what I did both days this weekend...

Went 0 for 2 on plans for the tours though. I'll refer to the Samurai for a report on Saturday's tour. I will add, after further investigation on Google Earth, that while we were close to Neff's I am not sure we would have chosen the right drainage to get out. There's a peak with 4 drainages to choose from that we would have had to hit. We'll get it on a clear day.

Sunday I went to check out Maybird with Tim, Brian and Kieth. We were going to hit the Hogum 5 and or a line or two off the Obelisk. Visions of light fluffy pow were quickly erased by high winds. Upper elevation snow was wind hammered and avalanche conditions were worsening. Shortly thereafter we lost Tim and Kieth to sickness and tiredness but Brian and I salvaged by skinning up to the Church and getting a sweet run.

Wind on the ridge we were going to skin up- it was worse than it looks

Nice in the trees

For Brian's mom

Not bad scenery on the skinner

Cool views in the lower canyon

Uuh, which way to the top? Sammi said I look "confused" in this pic. Whatever that means

The run down to the road

Got a ride back up the canyon right away in a pickup

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