Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sod Cutter

Say what? That's what I said...

So we're doing a little xeriscaping this summer, and when I say we I mean this is entirely Sammi's project and I will have no input. That's fine with me as she has this whole idea of how it should look. I'll be there to lend manual labor, "move that sod in to a pile over there..." "duh, ok."

She started digging one corner out one day last week, then I got home from Fruita last weekend to this! I guess out neighbors were renting a sod cutter and Sammi pitched in some $ and got to use it. Now if it were up to me we'd plant a few cactus and throw some rocks down but I get the feeling its going to be a little more involved than that. Something about looking nice...

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