Monday, April 5, 2010

Hot off the presses

Classic- a how often do you see a movie with the main character pictured in the front quoted on how great the movie is... in all seriousness though it is a really good movie and contrary to what the cover seems it's not entirely focused on Lance. Some other great story lines as well.

After it showed up I thought maybe I could have tried to get one sent out for free since I have a few small parts in it... But hey it was just 30 bucks and the more money they make the more they might consider making another movie about mountain biking.

Looks like another huge snowstorm... makes this seem like a distant memory rather than yesterday.

Raced the Cholla on Saturday and felt pretty good. My strategy going in was to just ride hard for the workout ahead of Sea Otter, moreso than the result, so I spent a lot of time setting the pace and sitting on the front in the wind. Burke put in some good surges which I was able to cover and after a few laps we were still together. It looked like it might come down to the wire until we hit some lapped traffic at an inopportune moment and he got around on a path I didn't see and a pretty good gap opened up. From there he just put his head down and it was a last lap tt in the wind. I kept it close and it was 15 seconds at the finish. I was happy with how I felt and the goal of blowing my legs up was accomplished! Hats off to Burke for the win.

5-8" of snow in the valley tonight... where was this weather in December??

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