Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New restaurant

Frida Bistro on 700 South and 550ish West. Super good, fancy Mexican. Sammi and I went over the weekend to celebrate my birthday. Dinners came with grilled cactus and some killer rice, great sauces, and a small gordita appitizer on the house. I got this stuffed pepper with meat, nuts, dried fruit and a walnut sauce. We also tried a beet salad with some biznaga sugar cane that was pretty good. The blended margarita with fresh mango and cayenne pepper ruled. Didn't try the pineapple cilantro marg but I am sure its good.

Its a little on the pricey side compared to most Mexican but worth it once in a while. They even through in dessert for my birthday which was really weird because neither of us mentioned that it was in fact my bday. Unless Sammi was putting me on. I always thought I wanted to be a food writer, now its pretty clear to me that I suck at it, good thing I didn't try...