Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Biking- Highs and Lows

Had to run an EZ Up tent up to Park City this afternoon and took the opportunity to do a little snow biking. Turned out to be a nice roller coaster of psyched to not psyched, back again, repeat. As Tim would say the stoke-o-meter was all over the place.

Pull in to the parking lot- hell yeah going bikin'! Forgot a jersey to go under my jacket and tall riding socks. Crap.

Start riding- nice on the groomed bike path. Got over to Round Valley and it was a little soft and bumpy. Almost bagged it.

Then I found a single track- stoked. Two endos in random holes. Not stoked.

Rode some more groomed track then found another trail that was smooth and fast. Awesome. Even took a pic. Started riding downhill and hit a soft spot at speed- stuffed the front wheel and sailed on to my back. Unfortunately my bike was on the same trajectory... the nose of my bike seat came down hard right on the tip of my chin and I have an immediate headache. Minimal blood but a serious golf ball sized welt on my chin and snow stuffed down in my shoe covers. Wish I had those socks.

Burned it back to the car and was psyched to have been able to ride my bike. Can't complain, beats the road for sure!

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