Saturday, February 27, 2010

Notice to appear

It's time to do my civic duty coming up- Jury Duty on March 8. I guess I'll just show up and hope it's not a week long trial or something. I just read A Civil Action- I can't imagine a year long trial. I'd have to fake some sort of bias...

Come to think of it that's two days after the first mtb race of the year in St. George.

Speaking of the first race- that's coming up quick and I always have the same doubts going in to the season- Oh great, I am going to get waxed and suffer like no other because I haven't been "training." Hopefully the skiing and spotty riding has at least maintained a little fitness.

Speaking of skiing, killer tour today. Weather held and turned out to be beautiful. Skied Red Baldy again, plus a few other lines in White Pine. Here are some pics...

The run- yep, its a long one...

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  1. That's what happens when you ski with lawyers. Looks like I missed a nice tour--next time!