Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Denied at Leadville

Looks like the only way I am going to get a shot at Lance in 2010 is to ride the Tour de France...

Dear Leadville Trail 100 Family,

We deeply regret that we were unable to accept your application into
the 2010 Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. We really wish we
could accommodate every interested rider, but we simply can’t. Our
goal and primary obligation is to offer every racer the nation’s
highest quality athletic experience with the utmost degree of safety,
medical care and racer support. The ever increasing numbers of
returning racers and new applicants are testimony we are meeting our
goal. We do not keep a waiting list and cannot yet accept entries for


We are sincerely grateful for your enthusiasm and dedication to the
“Race Across the Sky”.

In appreciation,
Ken Chlouber
President, Leadville Trail 100


  1. Funny how they use the word "family." I don't think of family as those that are unable to accept you.

  2. Thats lame, really lame. You would think the top 10 would automatically get an invite to next years event.

  3. There selection process is rigged. They were scared you might beat Lance. Lame.

  4. What a crock. I was bugged that top 100 finishers didn't get an automatic entry. But top fives? Seriously? WTF?