Sunday, May 3, 2009


I remember when my dad used to drop me off at school in the rain I would always have to walk across a parking lot covered in worms, most squished by cars and shoes. The smell of the squished worms stayed with me over the years and I always recognize it when its raining. Warm wet pavement must feel pretty good to them or something. Anyway, I've had plenty of quality time with road worms recently as I've gone 4 for 4 weekend days of getting caught in pouring rain while riding. I even got to scrape some off my down tube this afternoon. A tasty snack...

So yeah, soaked to the bone twice again this weekend- this time I had company though as Bart was unfortunate enough to join me and my bad luck. Both days it cleared up as I was getting home and got nice.

Refueling with the silver bullet on top of Big Mountain. The contents of this can remain top secret for the time being...

I knew there was a reason we haven't mowed the lawn yet

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