Monday, May 18, 2009

Stage 3

With BC Bike Race looming on the horizon it seemed like a good idea to stretch the limits a little bit to get used to the feeling of going out and riding hard when you are totally blown. While the 'rest when you are tired'and 'when in doubt leave it out' philosophy is good for most of the time, we figured we'd try out a solid block of riding.

Stage 1: Soldier Hollow ICUP. Somehow I pulled off a win ahead of two local legends and a solid local field. Its great to see how fast everyone is going around the 801 right now.

Stage 2: Mueller Grueller with Matt, Bart and Burke. 5 hours the day after an xc... lots of climbing= ouch.

Stage 3: 4 hours in the 90 degree heat with lots of road time. Bart and I rode down to Draper and checked out the race course. I had never done Jacob's Ladder so we took a spur up and then back down. Climbing Jacobs Ladder= super ouch. Maybe OK with fresh legs. We cleaned it though.

This is probably normal for any real pro but was stretching it for me. I can't speak for Bart but I think (hope) he was tired, Ohran was smart and threw in the towel today. He's resting up for a 4 day secret training session at sea level next weekend. Watch out. All in all I felt better today than yesterday and was pretty happy with how the legs felt once they got going. Stopping was a different story as they tended get pretty heavy after. Luckily in stage racing you aren't stopping to chat. Probably a good idea to get some rest now. Lame post, no pics.


  1. You cleaned Jacob's Ladder going up? Dang, that's hardcore. Most of us get to the top via the double track above Clark's and ride Jacob's down...

    What are your thoughts on the race course?

  2. I liked the course though the riding down there is kind of scary- the dh doesn't have anything technical to slow you down but if you get up any real speed its super slippery with all that sand and loose rock on top of wicked hard pack... i blew off the course last year at high speed in a corner