Friday, July 23, 2010


For those like myself who love coffee but don't necessarily call themselves "aficionados" finding a good cup can be hit or miss- especially when on the road. I often defer to Starbucks, and order drinks made with espresso to avoid old burned coffee.

So while in Chicago for our Highway Two sales meeting, I ventured out after breakfast on the first morning and hit Starbucks to avoid the dreaded hotel "black water" coffee. It was good but I was quickly informed by a fellow rep and coffee connoisseur that I had totally missed the boat.

Apparently there was one of the best roasters in the country right around the corner- Intelligentsia. The place won some roasting/drink making contest ad is widely regarded as the best in the country. OK, I was sold and needed to try it.

So after the meetings were over yesterday afternoon we went to check it out. I stepped up to order an espresso and they recommended the Guatemalan single origin... Sure lay it on me.

It was served proper with a small glass of soda water to cleanse your pallet before, and was nothing short of amazing. I felt like a wine geek as we were talking about berry and cinnamon undertones. The aftertaste was pleasurable and I didn't even have he usual urge to chew some gum. It was seriously the best espresso I've had and I have drank plenty in places like Italy, Spain, France, Brasil, Peru, Chile and Costa Rica.

Needless to say I was back this morning and purchased a bag of beans along with my drink.

So when in Rome- er Chicago...
Check it out!