Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where to begin?

How about nowhere... Pics sound good.

The bottom shot is the view as I type this on my phone on Sammi's parents back porch down in St. George. We went to Crazy For You at the Tuacahn amphitheater last night and it was a pretty good show. Awesome venue, pic doesn't do justice and I am pretty sure I wasn't even supposed to have the camera out. Figured since the show hadn't really started yet...

After the show I commented that all musicals seem to be love stories, to which Sammi's mom said "life is a love story," to which I said "life is a sport, drink it up."

So the Point 2 Point came and went and kicked my ass just as bad or worse than last year. The heat combined with a stiff south breeze on the climbs made it tough, as did the bumpy new sections of mid mountain on Iron Mountain. Not to mention the fact that Tostado was riding great. I need to put together a more comprehensive post about nutrition and how I felt so I can reference it next year... Hopefully this week. All in all though that is a killer race and I was super happy to defend my title!! Thanks to Jay, Shannon and everyone else involved.

In the meantime this quick trip
to St George comes on the heels of Ty's bachelor party in Brian Head. We camped out and hit the shuttle rides. Awesome time, but can't go in to any details- doesn't that violate the first
rule of bachelor parties??

Congrats to you and Lesha though man, stoked for you guys.

Excited for the wedding this week too!

Ok time for some iced coffee and some white line fever back to SLC.

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