Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leadville-Breck Epic- Park City Point 2 Point

Wow time's been a blur lately... Leadville came and went and was just about as hard as expected. I felt OK and was determined to be in the mix at the front for the first half of the race.

I wore a helmet cam and got some footage of the lead group for the new Race Across the Sky movie. Some good shots of Todd Wells' butt. I knew once the race heated up on columbine I wouldn't be able to hang so I figured I'd do some work at the front to help break the record and get a little recognition at least. If I had sat on the whole way over then got dropped that would have been lame.

I paid for it later with a wicked late race bonk which probably would have happened anyway. A pb and honey sandwich pulled me out and I picked up a little steam coming in to the last 10 miles, though once that blown its hard to really come back. I was 2 minutes slower on the last leg than last year but I ended up 10 minutes faster so I can't complain.

I probably should have done at least one long race this year to prep for Laadville- though I guess I'll just use that as training for the real biggest race of the year- the Park City Point 2 Point!

With Beck Epic thrown in this week it's really a roll of the dice. 6 days racing at high altitude could either be a turbo boost or tire me right out. We'll see. Either way I am looking forward to some singletrack! I hear we race over 13,000 feet this week. Wowzah...

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