Wednesday, November 18, 2009

La Ruta

Here are two pictures that embody the true spirit of La Ruta. All racing aside, La Ruta is about pushing your own boundaries and seeing what you are made of. These two guys are as tough as they come.

One arm- killed it the entire way. Amazing.

Look closely at the guy on the left... that's right, prosthetic leg. Wow.

That was certainly one of the most memorable experiences of my life and one of the most intense races I ever done. The night before the race, promoter Roman Urbina talked about the race and ended by saying that this race is mostly mental. You really need to be in the right state of mind just to finish the thing.

As for my 2nd place- I still can't believe that all came together. I rode my own race, stayed consistent and dug deep when I needed to. I am super excited though, I never would have thought I could get 2nd in my first attempt!

Check Cycling Dirt for lots of cool race videos, thanks Colt.

Check Monavie-Cannondale for a full race report courtesy of Bart.

Snow sports on the horizon...

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