Monday, September 7, 2009

Park City Point 2 Point: Harder than Leadville

No kidding, that was tough. The course was 25 miles shorter but with the same amount of vertical gain and 74 miles more single track! My legs were much more sore yesterday and that much single track takes a toll on your whole body. There were no road sections for resting, drafting, or easy eating and drinking. A pure mountain bike course... sweet. Check official report here

I wasn't sure how my day was going to go early- my skinsuit zipper broke @ 6:40 (7:00 start!) and I had to scramble and borrow from Bart. Then in the first 10 miles my front derailleur stopped working and I caught a bush with my handlebar while drinking through an uphill switchback and went down, stressing my front wheel enough to knock it pretty far out of true. I kept pushing on and eventually the rock/stick that must have jammed in my derailleur came out and I came to accept the wobbly wheel. Can't believe my wheel held up all day, Stan's rule! Bart and I rode to mile 45 or so, having a blast ripping trails. After climbing up steps I didn't see him behind me and just kept pushing forward. I was stoked and honored to win the first annual PCPP which is sure to become a classic!

It was a total blast, more trail than you ever thought you could ride in a day. Morning rain and rainbows were a nice touch and the trails were in great shape. Props to Jay and Shannon and everyone else involved in the event. Can't wait till next year!


  1. Awesome finish. Interesting to hear your comparison of PCP2P and Leadville. I've never done Leadville, and I may have a hard time convincing myself to give it a try now that I know how much fun (and ironically, torture) 75 miles of singletrack can be.