Monday, April 6, 2009

Tacoma vs. BMW

Which do you think has a stronger bumper?

If you guessed BMW you're wrong. Though I wish you were right...

I was backing up in the Fisher's parking lot this morning and bumped in to a nice shiny black BMW. Lovely way to start the week, I dented/scratched the bumper. Despite the fact that the Bm'er was parked at a diagonal and 2 feet over the parking space line I did the right thing and left a note. I figure I don't really have a case since their car was stationary and I was driving mine.

Looks like my insurance will cover it though I am trying to decide if I should just pony up the cash so my rates don't go up.

Man I am glad it was the bumper though... would have sucked to hit a door or something.

Other than that I'm just getting in to the swing again after a week of pretending to be a pro mountain biker. I sure could get used to that. Wake up, eat, ride, eat, rest, eat, sleep. It seemed to treat me well- I felt pretty good in the Cholla race on Sat. At least better than I did the previous weekend in Fontana. I felt strong the whole time and just didn't have the kick that Bart did on the final steep pitch- props to him.

We rode way up red rock canyon on a dirt road and even saw some patches of snow up top!

Jeremiah rides a mile long wheelie

All in all it was an awesome time and great to ride with the team all week. Its fun to have people pushing you all the time. Check for detailed reports on the weeks riding.

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