Friday, March 13, 2009

insert drool here

Here's the progression of my road bike ownership:

1996-2001: Specialized Allez touring bike . Total beater. Like 600 retail I think.

2005-2007: Felt F something with an Ultegra build. Two sizes too small, I rode it sparingly.

2007-2008: Cross bike with 28c road tires and heavy wheels. Worked sweet I thought.

2009: Cannondale Super Six. Dura Ace build with Ksyrium Premium wheels. Holy s&%t its a ripper. Unreal how good it feels. This has given road riding a whole new dimension. I've been missing out all this time huh?

Makes me want to go out and get spanked on the road. The only problem is if I did decide to do a road race I'd need to race Cat V. For those of you unfamiliar with road categories (Dad) that's like beginner class on the mountain side. Oh well, I've got plenty of off road racing on tap this summer to keep me busy.

Gotta finish up some work so I can get out and ride...


  1. Nice!

    I haven't had good luck with Maxxis road tires (lots of cuts) but love them on the dirt. If you take advantage of your Reynolds team connection and upgrade to carbon I know some people in the market for those Ksyriums.

  2. Yeah I plan to wear out the maxxis while the roads are still covered in salt and sand then throw some GP4000's on there- maybe the new white ones...

  3. Bike looks hot. Love my Super. Fast!